The Best Sweater 

by Yennie

Hi Guys! I`m glad to be back. Sorry for keep you waiting. I know it`s been a while but I was so busy lately. I`ve been focusing more on my German studies. It`s tough to learn a new foreign language, so I need to focused a bit more.  It`s very interested to know about their language and cultures. I am so proud of myself for finishing the first course, it`s actually my last week today and I`m looking forward to the next level.  But before that I have to enjoy first my Christmas vacation. Oh, my G! I can`t believe it`s almost Christmas and then it`s New Year. Time flies so fast.   

Anyway, I found the best sweater from HM during Black Friday. It`s supposed to be a long top but since I am short, I wear it as a dress. Advantage of being petite. I love the color of this sweater because it looks so feminine, not just that, but also it`s so comfortable to wear because of the soft material. By the way, I am so excited for the holiday this year.  Hope you will have fun in your holidays too. ? Xoxo 

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