Satin Skirt with Turtleneck Sweater

by Yennie

Good morning guys! Spring is coming, but the weather feels like Spring already. The temperature this week was not so cold. It has been 13-15 degrees out here. Can we talk about this casual outfit from H&M? This outfit is a perfect match for this weather. I`m not really a fan of long skirts because I`m so short, but this one is an exception. I literally love it because it`s good quality, and it`s comfortable to wear. Not just that! The price is very affordable. It only costs $35, and the sweater is on sale for $20. Can you believe that?! I always love affordable clothing, but with good quality. Who doesn`t love it, right? I bet all of us! That`s why I like the H&M brand because they have all the qualifications I like when it comes to clothing. Perfect for Petite sizes.    

Thank you, guys! Stay posted ? Hope you all like it. XOXO   

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