New Year`s in Locarno, Switzerland

by Yennie

Good morning guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is going great for you guys ? Sorry about the long absence from blogging. It felt good to take a break and spend time with my loved ones. Actually, it`s my first Christmas holiday and new years eve to be far away from my family back home in the Philippines. It has been a tough year for me, with a lot of challenges.  The devastating fire disaster was the most terrible thing I’ve ever experienced. But luckily nobody got hurt. With guidance from above, I feel like this incident made me even stronger. Also, I am very thankful every day for the blessings I have received despite what happened. My dream of traveling to Paris one day finally became real, and I was even luckier to have been accompanied by my amazing boyfriend.   

Furthermore, this new year’s eve 2020 was truly special to me because it’s been the first time celebrating it with my boyfriend. In Locarno, Switzerland, the festivities take place on Piazza Grande, which is basically the central town square. Every year over the holiday season, there is a temporarily established icerink right on the square, surrounded by bars, stages with live music, and lovely Christmas lights. It was delightful observing the local people from Locarno celebrating. Despite the icy cold temperature, there was a chill Mediterranean vibe. One guy even ended up proposing to his girlfriend right after the countdown. Happy new years to the newly engaged couple and to everybody! It`s been the most memorable new years eve for me yet ?  XOXO 

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