Happy 1st Day of Spring

by Yennie


Hi Guys! Finally, it`s already Spring here. It`s one of my favorite seasons. How about you?  

Basel is one of the warmest places in Switzerland, but Locarno is number one when it comes to the weather, though. This year, we didn`t really experience a bad Winter at all, even though January and February are usually the coldest months. I`m happy about the weather, despite COVID-19 salting the game. Unfortunately, it has spread all over the world by now, with everybody to some extent being affected by it. We hope for a vaccine rather sooner than later. In the meantime, we should help one another by following the recommendations of health professionals like regularly washing our hands, avoiding touching our face, staying at home, etc.). I’m trying not to panic or worry too much because stress is not helpful for the immune system either. So, stay positive and healthy! We’re gonna get through this together.  

By the way, I want to share with you my first Spring outfit, I`m wearing the top from House of Cb. It`s excellent quality. This top is the original designer version, but I see a lot of dupe popping up all over the place. I hope you had a great day, guys!  

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