First Day of Fall

by Yennie

Greetings from St. Gallen, Switzerland! It`s beautiful sunny weather today. My boyfriend and I visited his family in St. Gallen. We are going to spend our weekend here. It feels so good to be back here again. I feel like it`s still summer. The start of fall may feel more like a summer day, but soon the leaves will start to change. I`m thrilled with excitement since it`s my first fall experience in Switzerland.

I wore this outfit on the first day we got to St. Gallen. As always, I love to wear mom jeans from H&M, it`s so comfy, and I like how it fits me. It`s actually perfect for a petite girl like me. My favorite fluffy jacket is from Uniqlo. The color looks so feminine, and it`s so comfortable to wear. Last but not least, the crop top from Guess. The color perfectly blends to my overall outfit.

This morning we are going to have a nice walk. Enjoying the weather while it still lasts.

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