Fall Hiking Experience In Switzerland

by Yennie

Hi guys, good morning! Time to get up and be motivated because today is another big day. For me it was the first time to go for a hike in the Swiss mountains. Yay! We went to Seealpsee in Canton of Appenzell. Even though it was a small tour, it’s been challenging for me, and I am proud of myself for having gone through with it. 

But now, let’s turn our attention to autumn. It’s time to celebrate the beautiful season of this year because there are lots of activities to do. Hiking is a must-do. If you plan to go hiking in autumn, make sure you are prepared.   

As we know, during autumn, the days will get shorter. So, if you plan to go hiking. You should bring the necessary equipment such as a torch, extra clothes (ideally waterproof), a map (yup, google maps is not helping much there). Oh, and bring some extra socks if you can. Hiking in soggy socks is inconvenient, and yes, that’s what I did. 

Still, for me hiking in autumn is the best. In summer it usually hotter and there aren’t beautiful colored trees. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have that much time in the mountains because we need to leave on time to catch the train going back home. It takes 2 hours from the mountains back to the city, so we had to hurry quite a bit. 

Living in Switzerland is awesome since there are tons of places to see in the mountains and infinite routes to hike. I can’t wait to share our next hiking trip with you guys, so stay tuned.   

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a thumbs up if you did! XOXO 

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